Tatooing, docking & clipping, Oh My!

Tattooing and/or giving your pet a piercing has become a trend among pet owners.  There was one case of pet tattooing in NY by a Brooklyn tattoo artist on his dog. He posted pictures of the dog on various social media sites, which, of course, went viral. He claimed he did it while the dog was sedated in the vet’s office after surgery, but that didn’t make any difference to animal activists. ASPCA was outraged over this incident. Yet, where are they when a vet can tattoo a dog under the guise of identification purposes?

New York and Pennsylvania, to date, are the only states to specify tattooing and piercing as acts of animal cruelty and therefore have made it illegal. 

Our question to ask is should tattooing and piecing of pets be considered animal abuse and why?

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