Position Statement

We aim at being the leading resource for all things relating to animal and environmental welfare in New York. Our users are a big part of our information. Diopus is a user friendly website which users can add their stories, business and observations.

Our position on animal health and welfare is centered on the informed pet owner, or temporary foster parent, being the animal’s best advocate for their well-being. Being an animal’s advocate requires making decisions based on the preference of the animal and the research in best health practices, rather than the best interests of yourself, a client, researcher, professional, or healthcare team member. This means being attuned to not only the animal’s needs for bathroom breaks, food, and water, but also to the animal’s unique body language cues. It also means to research thoroughly adoptees, products, medicines, procedures, and practices before making your final decision.

It is the opinion of Diopus that the best person to identify the needs of the pet is the caretaker. Do not take take the words of others as facts, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Diopus’ users, submitters and business partners are required to comment, add content, advertising and otherwise conduct business consistent with Diopus’ position on 1) animal and environmental rights, 2) social responsibility toward animal and environmental issues and 3) creating community engagement standards as communicated through the this statement. Diopus expects users, submitters and business partners to comply with local and state animal and environmental animal laws and standards and encourage the ethical, humane and legal treatment of animals within their own homes and districts. All are encouraged to comment, add content, advertising and otherwise follow and work progressively on Diopus toward adopting humane practices and procedures for sound animal welfare and humane practices; to prevent the mistreatment of animals.