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Tricolla Farms

In 2003, we purchased this country home and barn as a vacation home. We've always loved the mountains, and the serenity and beauty was something we wanted to share with family and friends. Our family created many special memories here over the years. When our youngest daughter and her fiancé approached us with the idea to get married in our barn, the excitement immediately kicked in and we agreed without hesitation! Then we looked at the work we had ahead of us to renovate a 6,000 square ft. hay barn that was used to store hay, farm equipment, old vehicles, unused furniture, a lot of junk and decades of cobwebs and dirt....There was quite a project that lie ahead! Luckily, we had over a year and a lot of energy, drive and help from every friend, relative and hired hand we could put to work.
Cleaning, painting, fixing, replacing, restoring, each week it slowly began to come together. We had a stunning bar built out of the hemlock trees in our woods with bark trim and bar shelves to match. We replaced old barn flooring with wood from our land as well. It truly became a labor of love for our daughter and her fiancé. Their wedding was such a success, with their ceremony atop one of the high hills on the property overlooking the beautifully landscaped property. Many guests approached us asking us to rent the barn for their own celebrations.. We knew then that we wanted to keep the party going and going!

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431, Back West Creek Road, Berkshire, Town of Candor, Tioga County, New York, 13736, United States