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Red Barn Farm

Just like humans need human interaction and companionship, so do alpacas. Alpacas are known as herd animals, and can actually get sick or lonely is they don't have an alpaca friend. Lucky for our herd, we have 10 furry friends on our farm. Sometimes we like to think the alpacas consider us part of their herd.

Alpacas are members of the camelid family.  They were domesticated by the Incas more than 6000 years ago, where their fleece was used to clothe the Incan  royalty and this set them above other animals at that time. Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic, soft and luxurious. There are two types of alpacas:  Huacaya which is dense, crimped, wooly, water-resistant fleece and Suri which is very fine lustrous fiber that grows parallel to the body in long pencil locks.    They are gentle and curious animals and can be easily handled.  Each alpaca has its own personality, and yes they do spit but usually at each other!

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