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Howe Caverns

Are you ready for a fun and affordable family day out? How about a vacation full of learning for all ages? Whether you live in New York and want to take a day trip, or you are driving through the area looking for a fun affordable family vacation, Howe Caverns is one of the most exciting NYS attractions.

Every tour of Howe Caverns starts with a 156 ft descent below the earth’s surface…

Your journey will wind through limestone corridors, cavernous galleries, under massive boulders, until you discover a subterranean riverbed carved over countless millennia. Deep in the cave, solid rock appears fluid: creating strange formations, flowing sheets and dripping stalactites. Mysterious grottos lead off into distant, unexplored passages. Shadows hide secrets in deep cracks and crevices. The well-worn path twists and turns descending into the depths, downward to the glassy surface of an underground lake that trails off into the absolute darkness of the cave’s Eastern Terminus… this is the Howe Caverns ultimate experience. The cave is 52°F so a jacket or sweatshirt is recommended.

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Howe Caverns, 255, Discovery Drive, Town of Cobleskill, Schoharie County, New York, 12092, United States