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Blackberry Hill Farm & Sanctuary

Blackberry Hill Farm is a diversified family farm that produces an assortment of vegetables, herbs and meat. We use to be certified organic but recently dropped our certification because of the tireless paperwork , rules and loopholes that certified farms are using. We raise Chickens for meat and eggs. Our heritage breed pigs that are raised on our woodlot and fed a supplement of local NON-GMO grain are superior to all other pork. Grass fed/grass finished beef ,the best of the best. Animal welfare is our top priority. Before starting the farm we were long time vegetarians, we were vegetarians because of the poor quality of life that the animals had in confined animal factory operations and the quality of grain they were fed. Happy animals = quality meats. We also Have a line of organic breads, organic jams and more.

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15, Mud Street, Town of Thurman, Warren County, New York, 12810, United States