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Ann Lee Pond Nature and Historic Preserve

Ann Lee Pond and the surrounding ecosystem was dedicated as a county preserve in 1978.

Located near Albany County International Airport, this 180-acre urban oasis includes a large pond, wetlands, forest and meadows. More than 50% of the area is mixed hardwood forest dominated by red, white and black oak, red maple, and paper birch. There are also areas of dense coniferous stands. An undergrowth of various shrubs, ferns, wildflowers, and wetland plants exist throughout the preserve.

The mix of meadows, forest and aquatic environments make Ann Lee Pond Preserve an ideal refuge for an abundance of resident wildlife and migratory birds. More than 80 species of birds have been observed at the pond and in surrounding areas. Other wildlife you might see at the preserve include beaver, chipmunks, muskrat, and deer. The pond is home to several types of frogs, turtles and fish.

The trails at the preserve are fairly level and great for hiking and snowshoeing. There are currently two marked trails. The main trail is marked in red and a short blue trail connects to extend that trail. Please stay on the trails for your safety and to protect the plant and animal life in the preserve.

Ann Lee Pond Nature & Historic Preserve Rules

Open Dawn - Dusk.

This is a carry in–carry out facility! All items, including any refuse carried onto the property, shall be carried out.

Passive recreational activities are allowed including hiking, bird watching, nature photography, outdoor education, shoreline fishing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Dogs are welcome at the preserve under the control of an owner but please pick up pet waste to protect the water quality and maintain enjoyment of the trails. A pet waste station is located in the parking lot.

The following uses and activities are prohibited: motorized vehicles, boats of any type, feeding wildlife, consumption of alcoholic beverages, hunting, trapping, open fires, overnight camping, and swimming.

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114, Heritage Lane, Shakers, Town of Colonie, Albany County, New York, 12205, United States