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Zen Animals

Zen Animals a lifestyle. Located right here in Brooklyn, we are New York’s first Plant-Based + Holistic Pet Spa. We make our own bathing products + Spa Remedies in-house with organic and plant-based ingredients for our dog and cat pet spa. We are a cage-free salon, and utilize communal play areas and private playpens to give dogs breaks prior to and in between the grooming process to make the process more pleasant and prevent grooming anxiety in the future. We also offer daycare, boarding, and training with our experienced professionals who have decades of experience. Our retail line of Holistic pet products is available for sale in our salon. The line includes remedies such as CBD, Herbal Tinctures, Oral Hygiene teeth brush drops for dogs and cats. Essential oil Flea + Tick repellents, L’uile de Paw Fume doggy perfume oils, and more. We don’t use harsh chemicals in the store, and even neutralize the air and odor with only Palo Santo + Copal Resin rather than chemical air fresheners. We believe in learning every day and following our dog’s true nature. Dog’s have a pack mentality and react solely based on energy. Our handlers are extremely versed in this language and promote this natural way of being.

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Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, United States