How to add back ‘Humane” Thinking in our Schools.

With all this talk about remote learning, it has me wondering how, going forward, our children will view the natural world around them. Will it be a vision in their mind? Like living inside a 3D virtual machine? Where nature has become a memory. Yes, it seems that technology has taken over, like a vice. And while it appears that […]

An Unforgiving World!

After all these years, I am still awed by how each moment becomes a special memory. Yet, it is only to be experienced by those that are living within the moment as words cannot express the moment to the clarity of the viewer’s experience to the general audience. As I sit upon my porch, looking around enjoying life, I noticed […]

Our Newest Addition

I could not resist. I had to have her. Who could resist this sweet young girl rolling around in the cage, looking up at you with those beautiful green eyes? I fell in love, even before I held her in my arms. I knew she was mine. So I took her home. The past year we have had our share […]