Animal Welfare Degrees

So you want to work in animal welfare

How to prepare for the career you never knew existed
Want to know more information on a career in animal welfare? Are you aware that helping animals is not all about working with animals but more often than not interacting with people? That is why when looking for positions in animal welfare, there needs to be an understanding that you are in the business of helping people just as much as much as helping animals.
  • Animal Breeder
  • Animal Control Worker
  • Animal Groomer
  • Animal Lawyer
  • Animal Shelter Manager
  • Animal Science
  • Animal Trainer
  • Animal Behavior
  • Biology
  • Biological Technician
  • Dairy Science
  • Equine Science
  • Conservation and Forest Technician
  • Land Managers
  • Laboratory Animal Caretaker
  • Pet Adoption Counselor
  • Poultry Science
  • Veterinary Technology
  • Zoology
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator
NYSUNY CobleskillBTBachelor of Technology degree in Animal ScienceThe Bachelor of Technology degree in Animal Science is designed to offer students the opportunity to study the animal sciences in preparation for careers in the animal industry at the production level or in the support industries. Advisement tracks are offered in a general course of study or dairy, livestock, equine, canine or animal nutrition.
NYSUNY CobleskillBSBachelor of Animal ScienceThe Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science provides the academic background necessary for entrance into advanced degree programs and positions in today’s demanding job market. The program offers the lab science and animal science course work and rigor to enter masters and doctoral programs in animal science as well as the course work necessary to apply to veterinary medicine programs. Articulation agreements with Ross University’s Veterinary College and Ontario Veterinary College guarantee qualified students entrance into their veterinary programs.
NYSUNY CobleskillBTCanine Training and ManagementThe only combined, comprehensive canine training and management curriculum in SUNY.
NYSUNY CobleskillAAS, BTEnvironmental ManagementField-based courses with a “hands on” approach to natural resource management. Unique environmental major which focuses on the skills necessary for the conservation and management of entire ecosystems
NYSUNY CobleskillAAS, BTFisheries and AquacultureIndependent field/lab-based research projects, with opportunities to present at state/national conferences. Hands-on learning objectives, with most labs sections being taught in the field or in the hatchery
NYSUNY CobleskillAAS, BTPlant Science and HorticultureGuided by a commitment to sustainability and service, the horticulturist grows the plants we eat, maintains the plants that bring us joy, and cares for the natural plants around us. Not every class is in the dirt, but we do like to get our hands dirty in class. From the start of the program you will be engaged in hands-on learning whether in our greenhouses or in our campus gardens and farm.
NYSUNY CobleskillBTTherapeutic HorsemanshipStudy in a variety of academic areas, all vital to successful delivery of equine-assisted activities and therapies. Learn equine care and management, riding skills and instruction, and equine behavior.
NYSUNY CobleskillAAS, BTWildlife ManagementStudents gain experience with current methods and technologies for managing and studying wildlife including radiotelemetry, bird point counts, and reptile and amphibian monitoring. Courses include independent, field-based projects designed to answer questions that focus on a student's interests.
NYSUNY CobleskillAASAgricultural ScienceAcquire a working knowledge of business management principles as they apply in the agricultural arena that will translate into vital competencies for careers in agribusiness. Recognize the scope of the entire agricultural business system and the function of enterprises within the system.
NYSUNY CobleskillAASAnimal IndustryThis program is suitable for students looking to take courses in small animal management or specialize in more than one farm animal species or combine an animal interest with one in agricultural business, agricultural education, agricultural engineering or plant science.
NYSUNY CobleskillAASDairy Production and ManagementPrepare a management plan for a dairy enterprise that includes skills for positive handling, care and management of animals within the herd. Recognize dairy animals’ health and wellness, and be able to choose appropriate prevention and treatment techniques to optimize the production of the herd
NYSUNY CobleskillAASEquine StudiesSUNY Cobleskill’s Equine Studies program is the oldest curriculum of its kind in New York state. It has been successfully training students to work in the fields of equine care management and related agribusinesses for more than 40 years. Opportunities for graduates of this program are excellent and varied.
NYSUNY CobleskillASScienceNatural Sciences at SUNY Cobleskill consist of all major fields in the sciences: astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Especially strong are the biology and chemistry sequences. Students wishing to go into research science education, or any science-related field, are encouraged to concentrate their studies in this science concentration. The concentration is analytical, particularly good for strengthening analytical, critical thinking and research skills. As students in Natural Sciences fulfill many of their basic general education requirements, they have the flexibility to change majors without losing credits. State-of-the-art facilities give more hands-on experience in laboratory settings than most four-year institutions.
NYSUNY CobleskillAASSustainable Crop ProductionLiving agricultural laboratory complete with crop and agricultural engineering operations, a working farm, greenhouses, plant conservatory and outside learning facilities. Well-rounded, comprehensive education with the opportunity to work with both organic and conventional crops.
NYUnity CollegeBSAnimal Health and BehaviorPrepares students for careers working with animals in zoos and aquariums, in the veterinary fields, and as animal welfare officers.
NYUnity CollegeBSAnimal SciencePrepares students to apply animal biology, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, and behavior to the study of animal breeding and genetics, nutrition, physiology, growth, behavior, and management.? Choose from Companion Animal Care and Training, Sustainable Livestock Management or Equine Science and Management tracks.
NYUnity CollegeMSAnimal Science and BehaviorStrengthen your understanding of animal and human interaction. Designed to develop your leadership and management skills with coursework tailored to the track you select.? Choose from Equine Health and Care or Canine and Feline Health and Care tracks.
NYMedaille CollegeAASVeterinary TechnologyGain the education and credentials to sit for the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE)—and satisfy the New York State Education requirements for veterinary technician licensure. Key courses include: Comparative Anatomy & Physiology for Veterinary Science, Veterinary Clinical Laboratory Techniques, Care of Exotic & Laboratory Animals, Clinical Case Studies
NYHunter CollegeCertificate, MAAnimal Behavior and Conservation programOur Animal Behavior and Conservation program (ABC) offers two options for incoming students: An MA program and a Certificate program.
New York University (NYU)MAAnimal Studies M.A. ProgramThe NYU Animal Studies M.A. Program, active since 2018, empowers students to 1) examine the key debates that define the field of Animal Studies, 2) perform original research that contributes to these debates, and 3) understand the connections across animal issues, environmental issues, and social issues.