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4/2022 – Jason Nunez (30) of Brooklyn was arrested after an investigation let police to discover 30 dogs in abject squalor in a cavern-like home, packed into tiny, filthy cages, leaving them so neglected that one of the pups died, police said. According to police several dogs were so malnourished that their rib cages were visible through matted fur. A cursory examination found the dogs to be dehydrated, underweight, with open wounds, ear and skin infections and overgrown nails. Their cages had not been cleaned for some time. According to neighbors Nunez never lived there. A small garage in the rear yard was still filled with wire cages, dog food and training equipment scattered throughout the backyard. Another cage lined with hay and a pigeon coop were also found. Investigators with the ASPCA removed 28 dogs living in the revolting conditions.
One source said that Nunez had been keeping the animals in Orange County, N.Y., but had gotten in trouble with authorities there regarding the pets so had moved his ad hoc kennel to Brooklyn. Nunez was charged with multiple counts of aggravated animal cruelty and related charges, according to court records. Nunez was issued a desk appearance ticket and released — only to be arrested again on Thursday and charged with menacing after threatening to pepper-spray a 34-year-old woman he worked with at a Brooklyn restaurant, cops said.

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