Martz II, Harvey and Laurie Murray

 Animal Abuse Registry

6/7/2022 Harvey Martz II (47) and Laurie Murray (52), have been arrested after dogs, cats, and goats were found abandoned on a property in Fulton County. Martz and Murray are accused of leaving dogs, goats, and cats on a property where they had briefly resided. Police seized 10 dogs, three goats, and several cats from the property. About two dozen cats were unable to be retrieved at the time and plans are being made to trap them at a later time. Dogs were left in a small room in a camper for a year. All of the dogs had matted hair and were covered in feces. Two dead goats were also found on the property. Martz and Murray were charged with 10 counts each of Agriculture and Markets Law Section 353 — Overdriving, Torturing, and Injuring Animals: Failure to Provide Sustenance. They were issued appearance tickets to return to the Town of Ephratah Court at a later date.

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