Knoller, Ellie and Jessica Kuncman Knoller

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According to the Nassau County District Attorney, the couple adopted a 10- to 12-week-old male Shepherd mix named Tucker from a local pet adoption agency on Feb. 8, 2019. By Feb. 17, the puppy was dead of a ruptured kidney. Singas said that Knoller inflicted blunt-force trauma on the dog that ruptured the dog’s kidney, causing it to suffer internal bleeding and died.

Then on Feb. 18, 2019, the couple purchased a 10- to 12-week-old male Goldendoodle puppy named Cooper from a breeder in Pennsylvania. On Feb. 20, Knoller brought the puppy to Garden City Veterinary Care in cardiac and respiratory arrest. By the time the vet was able to get to the dog, it was already dead. An examination determined the dog’s cause of death to be from a lacerated liver, which authorities say Knoller caused by beating it. The wound caused fatal internal bleeding.

February 27, 2019, Knoller and Kuncman brought a “lethargic and lifeless” 11-week-old female Goldendoodle puppy named Bella to Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center of Westbury. An examination by veterinarians found that Bella had multiple fractured ribs, bruising on her lungs, bleeding behind her eyes, and a broken leg. The dog required surgery, including the insertion of a metal rod. It was believed that Knoller beat the dog and inflicted the injuries. Kuncman was charged in this case because she failed to take Bella for veterinary care for approximately 15 hours after the puppy first appeared to be in pain, which caused unjustifiable suffering.

March 2022 – Knoller and Kuncman has agreed to a plea deal. Knoller admitted to the crimes in Nassau County Court, pleading guilty to three felony charges of aggravated animal cruelty, the news outlet reported. The plea deal would send him to jail for a year, five years of probation and a 50-year ban on owning animals. As part of Knoller’s plea deal, prosecutors said they’d agree to end the case against Kuncman if she meets certain conditions set by the judge.

May 15, 2019 – Ellie Knoller (29) and his wife were arraigned on grand jury indictment charges for allegedly killing two puppies just days after obtaining them. Knoller was charged with three counts of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals (an E felony) and three counts of Overdriving, Torturing and Injuring Animals (an A misdemeanor). The defendant was released on his own recognizance, surrendered his passport and was due back in court. His wife, Jessica Kuncman (30) was arraigned and charged with Overdriving, Torturing and Injuring Animals (an A misdemeanor). The defendant was released on her own recognizance.


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