Haas, Daniel

 Animal Abuse Registry

April 2020 – Daniel Haas felony charges after a violent incident of animal abuse in the town of Bloomfield. Deputies and the Ontario County Humane Society responded to the report of a vehicle damaging property by spinning its tires and doing donuts in a field and yard on Route 65. The operator of the vehicle was identified as Daniel Haas, 54, of Webster. Witnesses watched Haas chase a dog in the field with his vehicle, then running the dog over – dragging it for five or six feet before coming to rest. Deputies say Haas took the front passenger head rest out of the vehicle, and began beating the dog with it. Residents saw this happening and obtained the vehicle’s license plate number and a description of the operator, which resulted in an arrest. Deputies say the dog, a one-year-old female white and gray pit-bull, suffered serious trauma. Haas was charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty and animal abandonment. Deputies say he was in custody in Monroe County on unrelated charges and will answer the abuse charges in Bloomfield Town Court.

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Bloomfield, NYOntario County