Granath, Peter

 Animal Abuse Registry

Court Nassau County Court – Case # 00972N-2018
October 2018 – Peter Granath, 26, pleaded guilty to charges of third-degree criminal mischief as well as overdriving, torturing and injuring an animal. Granath was sentenced to two months in jail and five years’ probation, and ordered to pay $3,639 in restitution, for animal abuse.

A month after he moved in to a new property, the property owner and her adult children began to notice injuries to the family’s eight-year-old toy poodle, Layla. The veterinarian diagnosed Layla, only 10 pounds, with a concussion, trauma to the jaw, multiple bilateral rib fractures, blood in the urine, corneal ulcers and widespread bruising to the body. Granath was allegedly the only person with access to the dog during the day.

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