Azmat, Nasir

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February 10th 2020 – Delaware County Sheriff’s officials arrested Nasir Azmat on 41 counts of animal cruelty and abuse charges following the seizure of 20 dogs. Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond said while they found no evidence of dog fighting, at the scene, the types scars and injuries to the dogs, equipment and paraphernalia — indicated the animals were being conditioned and trained to fight. The dogs were, mostly Pitbulls, had been living in crates stacked three high. Azmat was issued appearance tickets due to the new bail reform and is directed to appear at Town Court.

Azmat was arraigned in Franklin Town Court in March 2020 and pleaded not guilty to 20 counts of possessing dogs under circumstances evincing an intent that such animals engage in animal fighting; one count of owning or possessing animal-fighting paraphernalia with the intent to engage in or otherwise promote or facilitate animal fighting; and 20 counts of overdriving, torturing and injuring animals by failing to provide proper sustenance.

January 2022 – Under the terms of the plea agreement, Azmat pleaded to only one count of torturing and overdriving animals, a misdemeanor under New York’s Agriculture and Markets Law. The other 40 charges were dropped. The plea agreement also prohibits Azmat from owning, possessing or registering domestic animals throughout his tenure on probation.

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